Terms & Conditions

Service Guarantee

At LUCIA Melbourne Hair, we pride ourselves on giving every client a professional experience. We will always do our upmost best to give you a fantastic service and we stand by our guarantee.If you are unhappy with the outcome of the service you have received, please return within 7 days to have the stylist fix the issue (within reason, to be determined by the Salon Director). If you are unable to return within the 7 days following your booking, we will be unable to service you further without additional costs.

Client Liability

It is the clients’ responsibility to inform the stylist of any potential issues that could arise from previous allergies or known reactions to products or ingredients. 

Cancellation / Rescheduled Policy

If you are unable to keep a future appointment, please cancel in a timely manner. Cancellations and/or rescheduling made without 24-hours’ notice of your scheduled appointment are considered forfeited.

Payment Terms

LUCIA Melbourne Hair requires payment on completion of your appointment unless an alternative arrangement is made. We accept all forms of Credit Card payments and/or Cash payments.